Golden Gate Girls
(a.k.a. Golden Gate Silver Light)
Esther Eng

The film traces the life and times of Esther Eng, a San Francisco native known as Hong Kong’s first “directress.” She directed 10 Cantonese talkies from 1937 to 1961.

Dream Under the Sun
Cui Jian

To be released in 2013, we follow Cui Jian on tour, to Beijing, to the Tibetain Highlands, and discover his music, philosophy, and the fan-base which keeps Chinese Rock alive... Read more...
Storm Under the Sun

Storm under the Sun
Hu Feng

Released in 2009, Storm Under the Sun is a discussion and revelation about the life of Hu Feng, Chinese intellectual who felt the harsh wind of change in the New China... Read more...
Cui Jian: Rocking China

Cui Jian, Rocking China

The background for the 2012 release of this Cui Jian introspective is compiled in this video documentary... Read more...

A Piece of Heaven
Preliminary Documents

an investigation of renouned Chinese documentary fillmaker and educator, Prof. Situ... Read more...

Lin Yutang
Journey of a World Citizen

an ongoing research project since 2009, we meet the man himself Lin Yutang...